Wholesale Sunglasses to Fit Your Face Part 2

In a previous post, we talk about which frames match your face shape best. In that post, we described the ideal wholesale sunglasses for square and oval faces. If you have one of those face shapes you can check it out here. Feel great and look even better by picking the right shades to match your face shape. Keep reading if you have a heart or round face. If you are unsure what your face shape is, take a look at our post Finding Your Face Shape here.

Wholesale Sunglasses

Heart- If you have a heart-shaped face, then you should try wearing cat eye sunglasses. The pointed ends of the frames will compliment your strong jawline and accentuate the smallest part of your face which is your chin. This particular pair of cat eye sunglasses (8523) is only $28 for a dozen in assorted colors. For a meow-nificant summer, purchase the pur-fect pair of cat eye sunglasses.

Wholesale Sunglasses

Round- Classic sunglasses have rounded lines which will compliment people who have a round face shape. These types of sunglasses will help to elongate your face. You can order multiple wholesale classic sunglasses (7111 SD) by the dozen for only $14.

Here at Dynasol Eyewear, we want you to select your perfect pair of sunglasses! Contact us today if you have any questions about the ordering process or about a certain pair of sunglasses.


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