Finding Your Face Shape

Wholesale SunglassesDetermining the shape of your face can be a challenge, but we want to make it easier than ever. Follow our guide below and you will be able to distinctly identify your face shape.

Round-If you do not have any hard lines on your face and your face is almost circular, then you most likely have a round-shaped face. It is common for the forehead and jawline to be the same width.

Oval- This face shape is very similar to round, but the forehead is normally wider than the chin. Unlike the round-shaped face, your jawline has a slight curve to it.  

Heart- If you have a heart-shaped face, then you have a wider forehead and a pointed jawline that leads to your chin. The chin is your smallest part of your face. 

Square- When you have a square face, your chin is flat or shaped like a square. People with square faces often have a very strong jawline.

Now that you know your face shape, you can discover the ideal pair of wholesale sunglasses to compliment your face. If you have a square or oval face shape, click here. If you have a heart or round face shape, click here. Shop our different styles of sunglasses before having fun in the sun.

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