Froya FC 6289

Winter 2017 Sunglass Trends: Oversized Sunglasses

Froya FC 6289Are you interested in staying on trend? Every season of every year brings fashion and style trends that everyone must have. The winter of 2017 is no different. There are specific trends for sunglasses right now that you will absolutely want to get in on if you want to be stylish and fashionable. Dynasol Eyewear is a sunglasses distributor that prides itself in having the latest high-quality, fashionable, yet affordable sunglasses.

So you want to be in trend for winter 2017? This winter, one style that is incredibly popular is the oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses have made appearances in the United States and popular culture since the 1960s. Former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, better known as “Jackie O” was often spotted wearing oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses have also been seen on Elton John in the 70s and became very popular in the 1980s. Fashion experts claim that in 2017, the oversized sunglasses aren’t going anywhere. On the runways, in TV and movies, and the everyday lives of the rich and fabulous, oversized sunglasses can be seen in a variety of shapes, colors and styles.

Follow this great trend by supplying your area with fashionable, high-quality oversized sunglasses like the Froya FC 6289 pictured above. Dynasol Eyewear is a sunglasses distributor available for bulk order sunglasses and wholesale. Visit to browse our selection and place an order today.

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