Trendy Sunglasses for Summer 2017

Warm weather means it is time to wear your favorite sunglasses! Shield your eyes from the sun in style with the latest summer sunglass trends for 2017. We thought we would share the hottest wholesale fashion sunglasses with you before summer is over. There is still time to grab a pair to show off your creative side.

Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Clear Lens- Let your personality shine through when you wear sunglasses with clear lens. Even though these glasses have clear lens, they still have UV 400 protection. This bold fashion statement is sure to be the highlight of this summer. You won’t want to be the only one without clear shades. With a variety of frames to choose from you can discover the one that will properly express your personal style.

 Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Color Lens- Add some color to your summer with our fashion sunglasses that feature colorful lens. No matter what outfit you are wearing, your color lens will surely spice it up. Whether your favorite color is blue, green, pink, or red, we have sunglasses to match your style.

Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Cat Eyes- Tip your summer in the right direction when you wear your cat eye sunglasses. With a fierce look like this, you are sure to have a fun-filled summer to remember. This particular pair of cat eye sunglasses (FC 6351) is available in an assortment of colors including black, beige, demi, tortoise, and navy blue.

Kick off your summer with wholesale fashion sunglasses from Dynasol Eyewear. View this summer through different color lens or even clear lens by shopping our selection today.

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