Pairing Your Facial Hair with Sunglasses

Pairing Your Facial Hair with Sunglasses

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The beard is integral to the fashion mix. Much like choosing a hairstyle or hat, growing and styling facial hair dramatically affects your appearance. As with sunglasses, the choice for facial hair styling is influenced by culture and trends, personal style, and face shape. Whether you have a full beard or just a mustache, pairing facial hair with your favorite styles of wholesale eyewear can be tricky. Keep reading to learn what pairings we recommend.


The medium-length, standard beard gives your face a slightly more oval, elongated look. Complement this with angular frames that are also wide enough to compensate for the added length given to the face. To complement a full beard, go with thinner framed glasses, like aviators. These are stylish, but won’t draw as much attention as a thicker frame.

More square, angular frames will add definition to your face. If you have stubble, go with a thicker classic shape to match the look.


The classic mustache works best with glasses that align with your browline, and have a thicker frame on top. For a fuller mustache, try a pair of round frames or aviators.


Because goatees can make your chin look bigger and ounder, rectangular aviators are the best complement for the style.

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