Make Sure Your Kids are Wearing Sunglasses This Summer

Make Sure Your Kids are Wearing Sunglasses This Summer

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Now that summer is right around the corner, it’s time to stock up on sun protection for your kids. Chances are good that your cabinets are already well stocked with kids’ sunscreen, and you’ve probably purchased sun hats for the beach or pool if your children are particularly susceptible to sunburn – but have you thought about sunglasses?

Why Kids Should Wear Sunglasses Outside

You don’t see children with sunglasses on very often, even though adults are constantly wearing them to drive or when out and about. You should be encouraging your kids to wear sunglasses every time they go outside in bright light. UV rays can sunburn their skin, but it can also cause damage to their eyes as well.

  • Their eyes can get sunburned – Exposure to UV rays can cause ‘photokeratitis’ or sunburn of the eye. It can also be referred to as snow blindness. This can lead to temporary or sometimes permanent vision loss.
  • Greater risk of eye diseases/Infections – Too much exposure to sun can put your kids at greater risk for things like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and an infection called “surfer’s eye” – a non-cancerous itchy growth on the eye.
  • Cancer – We have all heard that UV rays can lead to skin cancer, but you are also at risk of developing cancer of the eye or eyelid if sunglasses are not consistently worn.

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