How to Encourage Your Kids to Wear Sunglasses

How to Encourage Your Kids to Wear Sunglasses

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In our last post we discussed why sunglasses are a crucial part of any kid’s sun protection plan. In order to prevent issues with their eyes, and keep them comfortable in the sun, you should always encourage your kids to wear sunglasses. The problem comes when you try to get your kids to do something new. They may not understand why it’s important, so here are some tips to encourage them to put the glasses on when they go outside:

Be a Role Model

Being a good role model for your kids is the goal of any parent. When your kids see you putting on your sunglasses every time you go outside in sunny weather, they will want to imitate you. Kids look up to their parents and try to emulate them, so do your best to model good sun protection habits for them.

Make Them Cool

Kids want to look cool, so if they think that cool people wear sunglasses, they will be more likely to wear their sunglasses. Show them pictures of their celebrity heroes wearing sunglasses and point out how cool they look wearing them.

It also helps to tell your kids how cool they look when they do put on their sunglasses to reinforce the good behavior.

Let them Choose

Letting your kids pick out their own sunglasses will make the experience more fun for them – and they get to express their own personal style. The 4567-7 collection of kids’ sunglasses from Dynasol comes in a variety of fun band colors and colored mirror lenses. When you need wholesale sunglasses for kids, visit for a wide selection of fun styles to choose from.

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