Fall Sunglasses Trends for 2017 Part One

When you think of fall, you naturally think of pumpkins and colorful leaves. Sunglasses are not the first thing to come to mind, but that does not mean you shouldn’t protect your eyes from harmful rays. We compiled a list of our top styles for the upcoming season. If you want to purchase sunglasses at wholesale price, take a look at our list of top fall sunglasses below.

 Sunglasses Wholesale


Classic- Let your style shine through this fall with the 7110 Tortoise Matte wholesale fashion sunglasses. You can purchase this color by the dozen for only $14.00. Neutral colors are always in during fall because the rich colors coordinate with many outfits. These glasses will look fantastic with whichever color you are wearing on a particular day.

 Sunglasses Wholesale


Aviator- Fall is all about the basics, so it makes sense that the classic aviator sunglasses are a go-to accessory to complement your fall outfit. This classic look can be worn throughout the seasons because it is versatile. If you are interested in purchasing this pair, the style number is 2314 and the price is $30.00 per dozen.

Get ready for fall by buying sunglasses at wholesale prices. Give us a call at (626) 444-6181 if you have any questions when placing an order.

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