Choosing the Right Frames

It can be a challenge to find a new pair of sunglasses or reading glasses. Whether you are shopping at a small neighborhood shop or buying from a wholesale eyewear provider, there often seems to be too many choices. Using the following tips can make it easier to make purchasing decisions:

Face Shape Considerations

The shape of your face can help you determine the sunglasses or reading glasses that will look best for your face:

  • Round Face:Square or rectangular styles tend to be wider than round faces and this helps to slim the appearance of the face.
  • Oval Face:The best choices are frames that are wider than the broadest area on the face and frames that are geometric in shape.
  • Square Face:Sunglasses with an oval or round shape can help soften the lines and profile of a squared face shape.
  • Diamond Face:This type of face is a bit of a challenge to find frames for, but good options are cat eye glasses and oval frames.
  • Heart-Shaped Face:Frames which focus attention away from the forehead and toward the cheek bones and nose often look the best.  Cat eye sunglasses, round, aviator and other flashy styles would work best.

Skin Tone

More important than hair color or eye color, skin tone impacts the way the frames look and also can change the appearance of your face. Make sure the frames accent your skin tone and consider how they will look in indoor and outdoor light.

What's Your Lifestyle?

There are wholesale sunglasses and reading glasses for every way of life! Do you work outside or play sports? Then you need durable break-proof glasses.  If you are in an office environment, a pair of sleek professional looking frames may be best. Do you need something simple and easy? Then plastic frames might work best for your needs.  Think about the places you go and the things you do each day and use that to help you choose frames that fit your lifestyle.

Your Personality

Are you fun and adventurous? Are you serious and professional? Are you casual and simple? Are you someone always on the go or more of a home-body? Choosing your frames creates a sense of identity that will help to showcase your personality.

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